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Cat Island Lodge Fly-In Lodge on Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario Canada

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Cat Island Lodge Fly-In Lodge on Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Great Fishing and a Remote Canadian Wilderness Experience

Experience Canada's pristine wilderness with a fly-in fishing trip to Cat Island Lodge. We are located in a remote wilderness over-looking Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario. You've been dreaming about a Canadian fishing trip like this all your life.


Cat Island Lodge Fishing Canada on Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario

Fishing in Canada

Get out and enjoy the sport of fishing in Canada.

Cat Island Lodge Fly-In Lodge on Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Great Fishing and a Remote Canadian Wilderness Experience

Experience Canada's pristine wilderness with a fly-in fishing trip to Cat Island Lodge. We are located in a remote wilderness over-looking Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario. You've been dreaming about a Canadian fishing trip like this all your life.

Experience Canada’s pristine wilderness with a fly-in fishing trip to Cat Island Lodge. We are located in a remote wilderness over-looking Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario. You’ve been dreaming about a Canadian fishing trip like this all your life—Untouched forest, lakes and streams await your arrival. Exceptional Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout abound.

Join us at Cat Island lodge for the adventure of a lifetime. We are proud to provide you with the best accommodations, fine dining, equipment, guiding service and hospitality. Our modern lodge and cabins have all the amenities to make a truly memorable vacation.

From Red Lake or Ear Falls, a short flight on one of our float planes delivers you right to Trout Lake to begin your adventure. Next Morning, your day starts off with fresh coffee delivered to your door. Then join us in the dining room for a hearty breakfast while your guide prepares your boat for the day. Perhaps this morning you'll jig for Walleye. While you have a short break at noon, your guide skillfully prepares a delicious shore lunch over an open fire with your freshly caught fish. In the afternoon, maybe you will cast for Northern Pike in the weeds of a bay, or troll for Lake Trout. Returning to the lodge after a great day of fishing, you can relax and swap stories in the game/lounge room. Dinner is served family style with fresh bread and desserts baked daily. After Dinner you can have a friendly game of horseshoes, or just sit back on a deck chair and watch the sunset, while reflecting on your fantastic day.

Add a Fly-In Fishing Day Trip! For a truly unforgettable experience, Cat Island Lodge offers Daily Fly-In Fishing Trips to carefully selected lakes, where you will find a fully equipped boat ready for a day of incredible fishing.

At Cat Island Lodge, the fishing, wildlife and breathtaking sunsets are a fisherman’s dream come true. We offer you the vacation of a lifetime.

A trip you have to experience for yourself!

Our desire is to make sure that when our guests say good-bye, they are totally relaxed and refreshed from an experience that will prompt many return trips.

It is our privilege to invite you to join us at Cat Island Lodge on Trout Lake.

Many people ask us:

"Why do I need a guide, I already know how to fish?"

Although our guest know how to fish, they don't always know where the fish are now. Our guides live on the lake all summer. They're on it daily and know where the fish are and what they're hitting on. They take you right to those spots so you don't wast valuable time searching for the fish. You'll spend your much anticipated vacation time catching them when they put right on them. Not to mention that you can spend your time relaxing while they totally take care of you - from running the boat to cooking you a great Canadian shorelunch. Even though only about 50% of our guests take a guide, 80% of our trophy fish are caught by guests fishing with guides. We leave the choice of a guided or unguided trip totally up to you. Whichever way you choose, we are sure that you will totally enjoy your time at Cat Island.

At Cat Island Lodge guide service is available for all our guests. Their guiding and outdoor skills are top notch, their courtesy and friendliness is unsurpassed while fishing Canada and their knowledge of fishing Canadian lakes will compliment your trip. When cooking your shore lunch, you'll praise their talent for weeks to come.

We provide two plans for your choice in guide service:

  • Full American Plan - guide service is included.
  • Modified American Plan - guide service is not included.

Some important facts about our guides and our guide service.

  • They come highly complimented as being very friendly and polite.
  • They are well trained and good fishermen themselves.
  • They are professional & skilled in handling a boat and motor, even in the worst of conditions.
  • The guides know Tout Lake very well and know where the fish are being caught, what the favorite baits are, what kind of structure to fish, & how deep to fish.
  • They prepare a delicious shore lunch that our guests look forward to each day, and is often referred to as the highlight of the trip. Your freshly caught fish are filleted and then placed in a special fish batter and cooked over a crackling wood fire. Then served with all the trimmings of fried potatoes & onions, plenty of pork and beans, at times - onion rings, bread and butter.
  • Each evening they fillet, package, and freeze your days catch.
  • Their knowledge of Trout Lake and it's structure is important. In Canadian lakes, rocks and reefs appear out of nowhere. The biggest fear for most fisherman is that of hitting a reef with his boat and motor, while utilizing their services you can kick back and relax. .
  • In an emergency situation they know how to respond.
  • Each day they clean and prepare your boat with all the necessary items for your day of fishing.

Your Ontario fly-in American Plan fishing trip to Cat Island Lodge comes complete with the best equipment available. Our equipment is top notch, we run 18 foot deep hull Alumarine boats. These boats have proven over the years to be the most comfortable to fish from and can handle the bigger Canadian waters with ease.

We power our boats with 40hp, 4 stroke, Yamaha outboard motors for a quiet trouble free day on the lake.

We realize that a boat and motor is one of the most important components of any fishing trip. During our years as lodge owners, we have heard many horror stories about fishing trips being ruined with improper equipment. Poorly maintained motors cause breakdowns and a lost day of fishing time. Dirty, leaking boats cause discomfort and dissatisfaction. Therefore it is essential that the boats and motors be of the best quality possible. At Cat Island Lodge we give the assurance of complete satisfaction by supplying our guests with the best available in boats, motors and associated equipment.

Another reason why your Canadian fishing trip to Cat Island Lodge will be a complete success, we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment.

  • Boats are 18ft - wide beam - heavy aluminum - deep hull Alumarine boats.
  • Boats are powered by 40hp, 4 stroke Yamaha engines.
  • Motors are regularly maintained for maximum dependability, efficiency, and performance.
  • Motors start, idle, and troll dependably, ensuring the best in a day of fishing.
  • Boats are equipped with comfortable swivel bass boats seats.
  • Boats comfortably accommodates 3 persons.
  • Boats are kept extremely clean and are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Boats are dry (no leaks) if a leak is confirmed it is repaired or replaced with another boat
  • Your Canada fishing trip comes complete with plenty of gasoline.

Our Boats are equipped with the following equipment.

  • Comfortable swivel bass boat seats
  • CSA approved life jackets
  • Paddles
  • Landing Net
  • Minnow Bucket
  • Ice Coolers
  • Daily Shore Lunch Box and Skillet

Cat Island Lodge is proud to provide you with excellent accommodations at an affordable price. While you enjoy your wilderness experience, we will take care of the rest.

Our main lodge facility has a cozy warmth you will appreciate after an activity filled day. The log construction gives it a rustic charm that fits in with the natural surroundings.

The large main Dining Room is the focal point of our American Plan Dining. We offer 3 meals a day, with friendly service and great food. After you enjoy coffee delivered right to your door, breakfast will be served in the dining room. In the afternoon, your guide will cook up a tasty Shore Lunch. Check out our Menu Page for a complete evening dinner menu, featuring a variety of delicious meals served up family style.

We also have a Conference & Game Room that is perfect for relaxing in the evening. Play cards, watch movies, shoot pool or talk about the big one that didn’t get away! The room is also available for group and business meetings during the day.

For your convenience, Cat Island Lodge has a camp & tackle store, The Trading Post, which is stocked with the necessities of camp life such as soft drinks, sundry & confectionery items, souvenirs, licenses, and a complete selection of the best tackle to use when fishing our lakes.

Our Dock facilities are very well maintained, and were resurfaced in 2004.

We take pride in every last detail. The lawn and grounds are always in immaculate condition, and maintained by our full time staff. For those who want to work off that big evening meal, basketball, horseshoes and croquet are available.

Need to stay in touch? We have Satellite Internet Access available to all guests.

At Cat Island Lodge, enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to rough it! Book your next vacation with us, and experience the fisherman’s paradise.

Whether you are considering Cat Island Lodge for the first time or as a returning guest, we thank you for giving us your consideration and hope you will be our guest during the coming year.

Welcome to Cat Island Lodge and premier Canadian lake fishing which has often been referred to as a fisherman's dream come true. The wildlife, the scenery, the shore lunches and the peace and tranquility is what it is all about. Our trips offer all this and more, it is an experience of a lifetime and is something you have to experience for yourself.

The thrill of having a fish on the line is one you'll never forget or get tired of. The anticipation of seeing what's on the end of your line can turn minutes into hours. This is the feeling all of our guests experience while staying at Cat Island Lodge.

The fishing on Trout Lake is great all season long and gets better each year, both in quality and quantity of fish. Trout Lake has a water shed of 99,950 acres and houses abundant Walleye, giant Northern Pike and trophy Lake Trout, just tell your guide what you would like to fish for and he will take you there.

After an action packed morning of fishing your guide will prepare a Canadian shore lunch for you. No one has ever had a better meal than fresh fish cooked over an open fire with all the fixings. A memory you will never forget.

The fishing action on Trout Lake is very exciting, even a novice fisherman will feel like a pro after only a few short hours. Everyone always asks about the BIG fish and we have a lot of them.

Walleyes up to 8#, Northern Pike up to 25#, & Lake Trout up to 30#. Our list of big fish released in 2004 was unbelievable and most importantly, they were returned to the water alive and awaiting the next angler. Whether you are serious about catching fish or just out to have a good time Cat Island Lodge has what you are looking for.

We firmly believe that we have some of the best fishing to be found in North America. Our guests are extremely happy with the number of fish caught and trophy fish are caught on a regular basis . . you do not have to be a "pro" to catch one". . all our large fish are live released.

But, you ask, can I take some fish home? . . heck yes . . . our conservation fishing policy allow take home limits. We are dedicated to offering our guests the best in fishing and at the same time, when it comes to our policy and the fishery . . we are downright serious. A trip you would remember forever.

Meals & Fine Dining at Cat Island Lodge

The fresh air and water will do wonders for your appetite. We serve three meals daily, a hearty breakfast, a delightful shore lunch, and a hunger busting dinner served family style.

Breakfast Menu A hearty breakfast is served at Cat Island Lodge each morning. A great way to start your day. Our Breakfast Menu consists of the following items. You choose the breakfast of your choice. Breakfast is served from 7:00AM to 8:00AM each morning.

Bacon Ham Sausage Eggs any style - fried, scrambled, poached, or boiled. Pancakes Toast Oatmeal Juice Coffee.

Shore Lunch Shore lunch is a tradition at Cat Island Lodge and is included each day of your stay. The highlight of any fishing trip is a delicious shore lunch of freshly caught Walleyes and Northern Pike fried over a crackling wood fire. Added to the fish are fried potatoes and onions, pork & beans, with all the trimmings. Most quests simply overeat and basically fall into their boat and take a afternoon nap. What a life . . memories of the shore lunch . . will remain long after the trip is over. Something to look forward to for the following fishing year.

Dinner Menu

One of the most frequently asked questions is . . . what's for evening dinner? Here is a listing of our dinner menu day by day. The menu can change due to delivery of products from our suppliers, shortages, or other circumstances. We pride ourselves in being able to serve top quality meals that have received applause from our guests over the years. Dinner is served from 7:00PM to 8:00PM each evening.

All meals come with:

Homemade bread or buns, main entries, beverage and desert All meals are served family style - all you can eat !!!

Fly-in fishing

At Cat Island Lodge, fishing is taken seriously. We offer unlimited quality Ontario fishing on Trout Lake and remote fly-in lakes. You can do it all in one trip.

Our daily Canada fly-in fishing trips to remote lakes is a choice of many guests. We try very hard to select a fly-in lake where the fishing is unbelievable and can be said to be a fisherman's paradise and dream come true.

The aircraft/float planes we utilize are a "Dehavland Beaver", a "Beech 18", or a "Cessna 185". The Dehavland Beaver, a single engine float plane, is well known as being the work horse of the North and has a capacity of 4-5 persons. The Beech 18 is a twin engine float plane and has a capacity of 6-8 persons. I generally refer to the Beech 18 as the Cadillac of float planes when it comes to quickness and a smooth trip. The Cessna 185 is a single engine aircraft and has a capacity of 2-3 persons.

Imagine climbing aboard your own private float plane and flying to a lake to fish for the day where you're the only people. We make this totally possible for you. Our day trips leave in the morning, taking you to your remote lake for the day where you will find fully equipped boats and motors. Spend the day fishing a secluded lake for walleye, northern, smallmouth bass or trout. Your lunch can be either a shore lunch of freshly caught fish or a box lunch and sandwiches.

These fly-in fishing trips have much to offer, excellent fishing, the thrill of taking off and landing on the water, the flight itself, the magnificent view of the north country from the air Many guests return with the comment that the excellent fishing was just secondary to the rest of the trip. No wonder it is such a popular add-on item to our guests vacation.

To sustain the fisheries we offer catch and release or conservation limits only on all our day lakes. Pack a lunch or plan on having a shore lunch We'll pick you up late in the afternoon and bring you back to our base. What a way to see our spectacular area and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing.

This is an add-on option to the package plan you have booked. We must utilize the aircraft for the price as listed below. Below is a listing of the criteria necessary for obtaining the price as listed.

  • Beaver - 4 guests & 1 guide - guide's air trip is included in the price.
  • Beech 18 - 6 guests & 2 guides - guide's air trip is included in the price
  • Cessna 185 - 2 guests & 1 guide - guide's air trip is included in the price.
  • Rate per person - $200.00 US (subject to air service price increase)

In conclusion, the float plane trip, aerial scenery, and the fishing will make the fly-in trip a choice you won't regret or forget. Your day will be filled with memories and fish stories even the barber won't believe. As someone once wrote "Memories are made of things like this".

If you should have any other questions contact Faron or Joyce directly at 1-866-894-9948, we are always available to talk with you.

Tackle & Related Information

Welcome to our tackle site. One of the first questions asked by our guests is - What about tackle? Of course this is followed by a list of other questions such as - What kind of rod & reels are best to use? What lures are best? What size lures? What colors are best? What size monofilament line should I use? And the list goes on. On this page we will address many of these questions and offer other related tackle information.

When first asked this question my recommendation is to simply pack up their tackle box with what is in it and worry about the rest when they arrive at our lodge. At Cat Island Lodge we pride ourselves in having a very good supply of proven lures for Canadian lakes. Time and time again I have witnessed guests who have purchased their tackle prior to arriving at the lodge to find that these lures were not correct and will simply lay in the tackle box. We suggest they visit with us or your guide and find out what is the best tackle and purchase it at the lodge, we can recommend the hot lures. By far the least expensive and time consuming way to get the job done correctly.

However this is simply a suggestion and the rest is up to you. Below we provide valuable information on the most popular lures and the type of angling in which they are used.

Our Tackle Store:

Our lodge store is well stocked with fishing tackle that are proven fish catchers. Lead head Jigs, Blakemore roadrunners, crank baits, spinner baits, Daredevil spoons, walleye bait rigs, steel leaders, swivels, monofilament line and much more. Many popular colors and sizes. Our guests find it cost effective and time effective to wait until they get to the lodge to purchase their tackle. They talk with their guide, find out what the fish are hitting on and purchase on a daily need basis.

Lead head jig:

The lead head jig is by far a very inexpensive bait and is very effective for catching walleye, northern pike, lake trout and small mouth bass. We provide the lead head jig in both the flip tail version or with a maribou skirt both are available in a large variety of colors and combinations. The most popular size is 1/4 oz. but when the fish are suspended or slow we find the 1/8 oz. variety to work very well, both sizes are available. The lead head jig is usually tipped with a minnow but can be fished with or without. The bait is best known as a very good bait for catching walleye and is fished best by back trolling or by casting and jigging back to the boat. But don't be misled, this bait is very effective for northern pike as they seem unable to resist this tempting appetizer. A hand full of these baits and you off to a action packed day.

Blakemore Roadrunners

The Blakemore roadrunner has been around for a long time. Like the lead head jig it is another inexpensive bait and is a favorite, you will find it a hard bait to beat when it comes to catching fish. A dynamite lure when it comes to catching walleye, and you can rely on the fact that Northern Pike simply cannot resist it. Tip the "roadrunner" with a minnow or fish it like it is, either way will produce fish. However tipped with a minnow produces the best results. This bait cannot be fished wrong as long as it is fished slow. We generally slowly back troll with the bait but casting and slowly back to the boat produces excellent results too. We have found that between the standard lead head and the roadrunner you cannot go wrong. On days when the standard jig does not work, the roadrunner seems to take over. That little blade simply does magic tricks when it comes to triggering the fish to strike. We stock the "roadrunner in large numbers, in all the favorite colors and 1/4 and 1/8 oz sizes - 1/4 oz being the popular size

When it comes to fishing it is my favorite bait, you will never catch me without a selection of them. What is really nice is the fact that you can fill a 35MM film case with these lures and a few swivels, stuff them in your pocket and you are ready for a fun filled day of fishing action. No matter what you are wanting to catch, you can count on this little lure for plenty of action. Especially handy when doing portage trips and you want to go light. It is also one of Jimmy Houston's favorite baits, we need say no more about the Blakemore Roadrunner.

We have some of the best fishing in Ontario Canada

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Make the most of your summer - take a northwestern Ontario fishing trip!

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Thank you for your consideration, Faron & Joyce Buckler

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